“Can you fucking stop touching me with your feet hands.”


“Thanks, now fuck off, daddy has to drink.” The monster rolled over back onto his stomach and fell asleep on the asphalt. He was a large creature, whose giant, dinosaur-like tail made up almost three fourths of his body weight. His spinal plates protruded from the flesh running down his back and tail, making his snaggletoothed muzzle look even more intimidating. At his knees and elbows the matted grey fur on his body stopped and gave way to a thinner coat that enveloped every part of his forearm and calf which only stopped on the soles of his two-toed feet and square hands.

Steven slowly lay himself back down on the ground next to the now sleeping Blind. It was cold, but he knew that if they showed their faces in this neighborhood they would be most likely captured or killed. He looked at his feet hands and contemplated which one would be worse. Steven was only a few inches shorter than Blind, but he weighed significantly less because of his lack of tail. Also - unlike Blind - he wore pants. To be specific he wore a pair of tattered jeans he found in someone's trash pile that had been hacked up until they were essentially tight-fitting jorts. He pondered over whether or not to look for flip flops while Mantis Boy was asleep. However, the sun was cresting the horizon, and Mantis Boy and Blind might leave without him if he’s gone. He decided to pull the blanket Mantis Boy had given him over his head, close all four of his eyes, and fall asleep. Unfortunately, while he was trying to get the blanket over his antlers, his claws tore the fabric to shreds. Panic filled the creature's chest and he looked for a place to stuff it near Blind.

“Hey, Spideer, what are you doing?” A gentle voice questioned.

“Blind- he uh- woke up and tore the blanket up because i touched him again.” Steven replied in his much deeper, raspy voice.

“Oh.” The Mantis Boy let the sound drop out of his mandibles as he turned his gaze to the motionless lump of beast that was Blind. Mantis Boy was the most human looking of the three. The only things that were peculiar were his giant yellow eyes, his giant claw-hands and the aforementioned mandibles. While his skin and partial carapace was green, most people looked at him in the same way one would a stray homestuck cosplayer.

“Blind.” Matis Boy leaned over Steven and tapped Blind on the shoulder. The beast, without moving replied with a growly “Are you ok?”

“No, I can’t get this jar of pickles open.” Mantis Boy lied.

Blind reluctantly rose from the ground and dragged himself through Mantis Boy’s back door as the sun slowly rose in the sky.

Blinds thick, clawless finger pointed at Steven,“Come on feet hands, we got shit to do.”

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