Episode 1

He looked down at hs phone and then back up at the road in front of him. Exit number “T6” was the one he was looking for. It was the weekend, and for the first time in months he had enough free time to indulge in a getaway. Although it was just a log cabin off the side of Fallen Leaf Lake, it was a weekend with friends. He turned on his blinker and turned his fog lights off. He didn’t really quite know why exactly he had turned them on in the first place. They were called fog lights but they really just made it worse. There were only a few cars on the highway, now. Earlier, the whole thing had been jammed, but now, things were relatively quiet. He liked it. The radio that was playing pop music about an hour ago had started gone completely static. It was standard fare around this area, so he figured he might as well just turn it off and enjoy the purring motor of his car. As he boarded the off-ramp and throttled down into the narrow path he noticed that something was off. There was a sign that was stuck into one of the many pine trees that said “TG.” That wasn’t the T6 he was looking for, and he started to scan his surroundings for an on-ramp to get back on the highway. Although, as the dense woods ended and gradually disappeared behind him, he started to notice that there was in fact, a town here. He saw tens of grey buildings, most with boarded up windows and rotting awnings. Although it was foggy, it wasn’t particularly cold, so he wasn’t quite sure why there weren't any people out shopping or commuting. A couple of boxy cars sat on the sides of the roads, their windows shattered and their tires flat. He lowered the speed of his car and inspected the shops as they went by. All empty. He turned the radio on again to see if he could pick anything up. It was nothing but static, though, and when he looked at the radio station’s ID, it eerily displayed: Timber Grove.

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