Barry saw the rise and fall of Luca's chest cease, and he quickly dashed up the stairs and out the door. As far as Barry knew, he was gone. He was going home, somehow. But as he ran he forgot about the rough terrain. Within the span of a minute, Barry would soon find himself lying unconscious on the ground, his skull cracked and his ribs broken. He had tripped over a large fallen branch and landed directly on an errant boulder. However, after what would seem like moments later for him, he came to. He was still alive, but now he was in the hospital again. He was laying in a bed, but the covers were missing. The chemical smell was still as strong as ever, but something was…off. He put his strangely heavy feeling arms down next to him and dropped himself onto the floor next to the bed. It was…cold. He looked down at his body and a pit started to form in his stomach. He was covered in brown fur, now. It was thicker than Luca’s. His feet were now adorned with two giant, twisted claws that were almost as long as the foot itself. His hands were a similar story, the claws were deep black, but he still retained an opposable thumb, although it was short and stubby. He scrambled to the nearest mirror, feeling the full weight of his new body slowing him down. Every step was thunderous, every breath was labored. When he got the chance to see his face, he had to look away. His eyes were sunken pits, and his skin had completely rotted off of his face, leaving behind a dry skull. Two large horns spiraled out of the back of his head, and two roundish ears protruded out of his head, both full of fluff. He shuddered and gingerly touched his face.

all the way back reborn