Episode 2

"What is this place..." He said aloud as he desperately tried to find any sign of life. He continued to drive down the same road until he found a small bridge. Across the bridge was a significantly tattered and worn road. The bridge was just big enough for one car to cross at a time, and long enough for about three cars to sit on it bumper to bumper, although it was unlikely that the structure could even take that amount of weight. When he pulled up onto the bridge he looked at what it was going over - a small creek. The water was a putrid brown and it swirled and fizzed around the small rocks that were peppered throughout. It was a sight, and if viewed from the right angle, he could see a distant, large building with the words "medical center" plastered on the front. He thought he might take a picture and got out of his car, snatching his phone from the center console where it was sat charging. He opened the camera app and took a few photos, one of the decrepit skyline - which was more the bordering trees than it was anything else - and one of the stream below. He grinned a bit and thought about how much his friends would be into this place once he showed them. He navigated to his social media to post them, but his phone didn't appear to have any signal. He decided to just get back into his car and look at them. When he opened the one of the creek, however, he saw something that made his heart sink into his stomach. There, standing on the banks of the stream, was a figure just before the limits of the fog. It was standing with its back to the camera, but its head was turned to its left. It was peering over its shoulder with sunken black eyes that made full contact with lens.

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