Episode 3

He decided it was time to leave, so he shifted his car out of park and into reverse. However, when he floored the gas pedal, the car didn’t rev. Nor did it make a sound. He panicked and locked the doors. He fiddled with the transmission and put it back into reverse. As his gaze moved to the rear view mirror his eyes were met with the same, gaping eye sockets he had seen from a distance only minutes before. They were fixed on him, and for the few moments that he was focused on the creature, he noticed the wide wills that were slowly opening and closing along its scaly neck. He held his breath and closed his eyes, praying that his repeated stomping on the accelerator would free his car from whatever grasp that it was in. He heard a pounding on the metal, and a growl. Soggy footsteps smacked the pavement. They got louder, and louder. Then, strangely enough, a muffled whimpering and a dull thud abruptly replaced the thumping and stomping. The window next to him exploded into a fierce confetti. He heard the door latch unlock and opened his eyes to another creature. This one was different. While it had the same empty eye sockets and boney face, it was covered in grey-brown fur. Its hands and feet ended in huge claws, each only having two. Its hands, however, had a smaller claw where the thumb would be. It had two giant, deer-like antlers that sprouted out of its head that were keeping it from entering the car. It grabbed his arm and said in a rumbly voice,

“Come with me, fast.” He felt he didn’t really have a choice at this point and followed this other creature as he sprinted down the street as fast as he could - which wasn’t that fast. Between wheezing breaths, the creature asked, “What’s your name?”

“Barry.” He replied back, between normal breaths. Barry was only jogging, and because of this he let his eyes wander. The medical building was to his right now, as he was no longer facing the bulk of the city from the outside.

“Where are we going?” Barry asked. There was a pause and the creature stopped. It bent over its own knees and put its claws on its thighs. It ducked it’s head down before looking back at Barry and croaked a weak,

“The hospital. Down there.” He pointed a crooked talon. “I’m Luca, by the way.” Barry saw the creature outstretch its palm in an offer to handshake.

“Nice to meet you, Luca…” Barry replied. He ogled at this thing in front of him that was offering a handshake before outstretching his own hand and completing the gesture.

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